You have a chain of kiosks, petrol stations, books - or gift stores,
your product portfolio is appropriate to add an additional product as GiftCard Mastercard,
your customers have more times looked and asked for GiftCard on your locations and you are ready to offer them.

4 steps to start the program:

  • 1Analysis of your business case
  • 2Contract Signing and Registration in the responsible Financial Authority
  • 3Sales platform installment and employees training
  • 4Cards and Packages delivery

How it works:

  • 1The customer can buy a GiftCard with a chosen value, design and carrier
  • 2 The cards loading is performed on the buying moment after the customer payment
  • 3Online Authorization and Reporting system ensure the accurate control and managment of the sales, transactions and security processes


  • Min. 50 store locations with crowded visitors traffic
  • Ability to sell 1000 cards /monthly after the 3th month from the start of the program
  • Experience with sales of vouchers, other types of gifts or financial services
  • Friendly and loyal sales employees
  • Centralized delivery system
  • Internet connection in every store location

We offer

  • a commision for every sold GiftCard
  • sales software platform, reporting system in real time, financial and marketing knowhow
  • regular trainings
  • 24 / 7 phone and e-mail support in 7 languages for the customers and sales employees (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, French)

The agents benefits

  • additional income with the agents commissions
  • enlargement of the product and services portfolio
  • enhanced image with the offering a world famous Financial instrument GiftCard Mastercard
  • additional advertising of your store in website and promotional materials
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