GiftCard Tariff

Effective as of 15.10.2014

Service description Fee
GiftCard issuance 5.00
GiftCard reissuance 6.00
Payment on POS terminal 0.00
Online payments for goods and services 0.00
Pin change 0.00
Activation of GiftCard 0.00
Service fee – starts 6 months after the GiftCard issuance, only by available balance till its exhausting 3.00 EUR monthly
Disputing false transaction with Mastercard or Visa 0.00
Unjustified despute of a payment transaction 15.00
E-money redemption fee 10.00
GiftCard stored value limits Amount
Minimum GiftCard value 10.00
Maximum GiftCard value 250.00
Maximum order value 1000.00
Corporate GiftCards According the signed contract