Help your business grow with GiftCard Private Label

Co-branded cards with your design and logo that could be used only in your locations.


by partnership with GiftCard,
you can obtain the following benefits:

  • gain new and enhance the loyalty of the existing customers
  • increase the turnover as a result of the customer managment optimization
  • minimize risk and responsibilities, keeping the focus on the core business activites

Program features

  • The Card: Private Label, prepaid non-realoadable
  • Usage: only for usage in Retailer`s shops, which logo is printed on the cards
  • Design: fully personalized with design of the Retailer
  • Value: defined by the customer on the buying moment
  • Activation: Online and via SMS (the customer defines the PIN code by the activation)
  • Balance checking: on
  • Security: PIN protected, if the card is lost or stolen can be reissued
  • Expiration period: defined by the Retailer (but min. 1 year)

Let your customers give the perfect gift coming from your business.
GiftCard Private Label program is easy and quick to set up.
Avail of the benefit to get your own GiftCards with full control over all operations.


  • Buy cards with preferred design and your logo
  • Sell and recharge the cards  in your store
  • Accept payments in all stores of your retail chain


  • Get iCard terminal for your store(s)
  • Sign up for iCard payment solution
  • Purchase the desired amount of GiftCards
  • Pay a one-time fee for each card registered


  • No set up fee for the iCard terminal
  • No transaction fees for the both sides
  • No monthly fees for the end-customers
  • Easy and quick programme set up

How to get GiftCard Private Label:

  • 1 Get iCard terminals for your store
  • 2 Choose and buy cards from our gallery
  • 3 Sell the GiftCards through iCard terminal device
  • 4 Accept payments through iCard terminal device
  • 5 Keep track of each GiftCard operation in your iCard account


Start today and grow your client base with GiftCard Private Label!

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